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Dr. Latara Tillman is the Founder and President of Prophetic University. Prophetic University is designed to be a place where the gifted can be trained and sharpened. Students can expect transformation and divine enlightenment and revelation. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire listeners toward their God-given purpose is the heartbeat of her life. She is acclaimed as a prolific speaker with eloquent thematic delivery and has captivating vocal artistry. She is a sought-after national evangelist and conference itinerate presenter for a time like this. Dr. Tillman’s gift has given her the mandate to sharpen the body of Christ in their knowledge and understanding of the fivefold ministry by creating “The School of the Prophets”, an intensive Christian course that allows her to flow in a prophetic anointing that is changing people’s lives. She has penned a training manual that guides the learner deeper into the knowledge of the five-fold ministry especially in the area of prophetic. Her passion for teaching emerging leaders in the body of Christ is leading her to offer this course several times a year throughout the surrounding areas.

Prophetic University Curriculum 

We will cover: 

The Lost Calling of the Prophetic
The 4 Prophetic Gifts
Foundations of the Prophetic
The Preist and the Prophet 
The Prophet vs the Physic 
Prophetic Plagiarism


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