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Prophetic University Update and Recap


Hello Prophetic University students!


Here are a few updates and key points discussed during the Orientation. 


Payment Information


There are a total of 8 payments of $125.  $125 registered you for the class and you will have 7 monthly payments following. 

If you registered last week, your next payment won’t be due till November unless you choose to pay ahead. 


For students who have already paid in advance for classes no need to worry, we are tracking your payments. 


For your convenience, there is a link on the website that will allow you to make payments.

Class payments are due on the 1st of the month and will be considered late after the 5th of the month. 

Please communicate any challenges you have and we will reply promptly.  


Prophetic University Classes

Please don't share access with individuals who have not registered, you are the student. 


If you haven’t already,  please go request access to the Prophetic University Facebook group.


Classes and Q and A's will be delivered in several different methods:


1. Several of the classes will be pre-recorded and sent to your email on file, as well as uploaded into the private Facebook group on the day of the classes. 


2. Some classes and Q and A’s will be Live from the Prophetic University Facebook group.   The Facebook group will serve as a discussion board between students. If you have a question for the instructor, please email your questions to


3. If you are a student and you do not have Facebook, the class will be made available to you via email and on the Prophetic University site. Just click Play!


If you view the website for classes, the password for the Prophetic University Virtual Classroom will be sent separately. 

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