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Be a part of the inaugural class

Listen to My Story


I'll never forget it, the Lord began to speak to me when I was 4 years! God would show me things and  I just started speaking them and they would come to pass. As I began to grow, people thought I was crazy, If I'm honest, at times I thought I was crazy!  

I soon learned that prophetic people are often misunderstood and not always taken seriously. There have been many days, that I asked God, "Does anyone understand me?" My pastors and leaders were great men and women of God, but unfortunately didn't always know how to teach me to be effective in the ministry God had called me to. 

So I prayed and asked God for help and in his timing, he sent an answer to my prayers. He connected me to the right mentors. Having the right mentors is the difference between living out your purpose with joy and excitement and feeling unfulfilled and empty. 

Several years ago I launched the School of the Prophets a live 2-day in-person training that is held once a year in Georgia. The response was overwhelming and the results were amazing! Of all of the wonderful testimonies I received, there was only one complaint......It's not enough time.  At that moment God spoke to me and instructed me to launch the Prophetic University, 

a Step by Step 8 month 100% online intensive designed to prepare you for the next level. It's designed for any Holy Spirit-filled believer. 

You know that God is speaking to you, but its often hard to articulate because there is no one who seems to understand. The good news is, you aren't crazy and you are not alone. Your answer is right here!

Understand My Passion

Years later, I've traveled across the country speaking into the lives of countless individuals. Pastors and Leaders across the country have entrusted me to their pulpits and with the ears of their members. I am walking in my purpose, and I want you to do the same. By the power of the Holy Spirit and with proper training, you can learn more about the prophetic and effectively walk in your calling. So I know what you have questions.  Do I  have to be a pastor or ministry leader to register for the Prophetic University? The answer is no! All you need is a desire to grow and learn. This is a place for the gifted! 

I believe you clicked here because there is something on the inside of you desiring more. 

So, What Will I Learn?

Prophetic University is the place to sharpen and enhance your understanding of what God is doing in your life. There will be classroom-style instruction and lectures as well as live Q and A sessions. You will learn everything from the basics of the prophetic gifts, how to recognize the real from the counterfeit to how to effectively operate in the context of your local assembly. The course will be revelatory as well as informational. It's a perfect mix of the classroom and altar.  

3 Reasons Not to Register for the Prophetic University

1. You're satisfied with where you are, and you don't need help!

2. You want to stay stagnant in your calling!

3. You're ready to put your purpose on hold!

I'm sure you can think of a few reasons why you shouldn't register, but there are so many reasons you should. 

1. Classes are Online and Flexible to meet your schedule 

2. Tuition is affordable! Only $125 per month

3. The information and impartation you will receive are unexplainable! 

4. You will be presented with the tools and training you need to walk out your calling! 

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